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Safe Specialists

With over 30 years experience in opening and maintaining safes we can solve your problems.
Travelling all over New Zealand, by van, ship, plane or ski-lift we can open your safe.
We specialise in highly skilled non- lethal techniques to open your safe and restore it to a fully functional condition.

Plasma cutter at work cutting out panels

Safe types including:

Gun Safes, Home safes, Shop Safes, Office Safes, Cash Safes, Fire Safes, Record Protection safes, Media Safes, In-Floor Safes, Vaults, Strongrooms, Case Safes.

Safe Locks including:
Key Locks, Dial Combination Locks, Digital Locks, Time Locks, Fingerprint locks.
S&G, Chubb, Fichet Bauche, CMI, Ratner, John Tann, Climax, Ross, Jackson, Ilco, LaGard, Milner, Hobbs, Asian, Eiko, Wako, Cyberkey, Sargeant and Greenleaf, Videx

Open your safe

Craking a safe    Safe opening equipment

Lost your Keys?
Forgotten your code?
It just won't open today?
Well, it's been getting stiff!
Then it is time to call us. If you can call us before the actual lockout, so much the better. It is easier to fix the safe while it is still open. However when the worst case occurs, then that is when our specialist skills come into operation. We have some of the best safe crackers in NZ when it comes to Emergency safe opening. Highly experienced with specialist equipment. Safe cracking is never easy, but it is amazing what our team can achieve !

Move your safe

Safe in the wrong place?
Moving premises?
Bought a safe?
We move safes from 2kg right through to 2000kg. Across carpet. Across tiles. Down foot paths. Up stairs (some). Special equipment for special places. We have an Airtech Safemover to get that safe across your floor without damage.

Rebuild Safes

Have the burglars already had a go at your safe?
Does it need special repairs?
Do you want a fancy finish?
We can take your safe a bring it back to life. Some people want an automotive quality finish because the safe is going to be visible. Others want a wear resistant finish. Some want it done in their own colours. What ever the situation, I'm sure that we can do it.

Manufacture to custom specifications

Need a safe built to special dimensions or with special functions?
We can build you a one off or produce a batch.

Plasma cutter starting a new sheet Plasma cutter that has been busy cutting out componentsOverhead cranes to move the work around

Safemasters New Zealand Ltd
based at :
111 King Street North,  Hastings   (06) 878-9998

We are only a phone call away.

Or email us with a photo of your "Little Problem #@3&f* !"
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